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Commercial-Use Indoor Courts

Finding the right surface for a gymnasium can be a challenging task. When traditional wood flooring no longer meets your demands, Sport Court of Northeast Florida's modular flooring offers an innovative solution. Easy to install and painless on your budget, our services increase playability and performance across the sporting spectrum. Our gym flooring is designed with the athlete in mind. Experience the difference today.

Discover the Sport Court Difference

Out with high-maintenance costs and time-consuming refinishing and in with reliability and function. With all the protection of a NCAA volleyball surface and a FIBA basketball court, we bring achievement and safety to the game. No other surface delivers a better combination of traction, ball response, and shock absorption. We’ve also developed a way to reduce the amount of waste that reaches landfills. Our products are dedicated to minimizing environmental footprints while maintaining the quality our customers expect and trust.

Built for Maximum Longevity

Crafted for functionality, our gym flooring meets all the expectations of an athletic playing surface. Our materials work for both permanent and temporary surface solutions. The life of Sport Courts is unmatched in the industry, and they have led generations of athletes to growth and accomplishment.

Design and Installation: On Time, Every Time

No two gyms are the same in size or scope. Therefore, customization and design are key. Matching your floor specifications, our professional staff of builders provides quick and easy installation. From beginning to end, our team will make sure your project is on budget and on time.

Discover your gym’s potential and contact our gym flooring specialists today.

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